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Just a quick welcome post to those of you who have joined so far.

The reason I created the comm is simple enough, I like Gwen and I'm sick of the bashing she gets. Criticism of her actions is (often well) deserved, but bashing is just immature and silly.

I also think it's a bit odd that people seem so completely terrified that she'll ever get together with Jack. I defend the ship a lot but I'm more in the "if it happens, I'm cool, and if not, that's fine too" camp. Or I trust the writers. One or the other. Could be that I don't think Jack will ever be OTP with anyone that I'm not worried though.

So post anything on topic, fic, icons, art, meta are all good and anything I've forgotten to mention that might come up is probably good as well. The only rules are no character bashing (at all, criticism is fine and welcomed for any character and I do know the difference), that any fic/art/icons posted should have Gwen, Gwyneth (Eve's character in the first season Doctor Who episode The Unquiet Dead) and/or Eve Myles featured and that any actorfic RPF posted should be comm locked.

Other Torchwood character, ship and actor discussion is okay but should be kept to a minimum - there are plenty of John/Jack, Owen/Burn and Ianto/Gareth comms at least. Anything else is probably okay. Use your discretion - if it's something of interest to the fandom at large it's probably not bad to cross-post, if it's more character- or actor-centric, maybe this isn't the place for it. I'm not going to be a heavy mod about it, but I will likely gently prod if it seems a little too specific for the comm.

Drop me a comment here, via email or on my personal journal if you have any questions.

Joanne, mod.
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