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Fic: Elegance, Jack/Gwen/Ianto, NC-17

Title: Elegance
Pairing: Jack/Gwen/Ianto
Rating: NC-17
Warning/Spoilers: No spoilers
Summary: A first encounter between Jack, Gwen and Ianto.
Author's Notes: Pure smut and a hell of a lot of fun to write. Written for the Doctor Who/Torchwood porn battle: Thanks to sorchar for the bunny. The prompt word was pizza.
Disclaimer: Jack, Gwen and Ianto are the property of Russell T. Davies and the BBC, not me. And if I owned them, this is how it would be in canon.

Dinner should have been something more elegant than pizza, Ianto thought as he settled back, jacket off, drink in hand, to watch a sight that could, honestly, only be referred to as delicious. And the pizza was entirely forgotten.

There really was something gorgeous about the play of muscles under Jack's skin. And his intense dedication to everything he did was coming out wonderfully right then. The only regret Ianto had was that he couldn't hear Jack's noises right now. Of course, watching Jack's arse flex and move was a pretty good substitute.

And he could hear Gwen's noises, which were rather nice, to make an understatement, as well. Her soft cries as Jack started exploring, and her high-pitched moans as he found the places she really liked and concentrated his efforts on them.

Ianto had to take a drink when Gwen screamed, it unsettled him in the very best way possible. It wasn't that she'd come, he realised a moment later, but that Jack had just done something she really liked. He looked, and realized that Jack had brought his long, elegant fingers into the assault on Gwen's senses. He could just see two moving in and out of her, while Jack's mouth worked her clit and made her hips jerk and her body tremble.

It really was a delicious sight and Ianto didn't think he would ever get enough of it.

Almost lazily, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He eased his underwear down and stroked his cock. He wasn't planning on making a noise but it just couldn't be helped.

Jack turned, even as Gwen protested the loss of stimulation. "Don't come. I want to feel your cock in me after I get this gorgeous woman off." He then returned to licking Gwen and to make up for the interruption, his free hand moved up to tweak and play with her nipples.

Gwen really liked that, Ianto noticed, and she did have the most gorgeous breasts. He'd always been a breast man when it came to women and he had noticed how beautiful Gwen's were a long time ago. Somehow, they were even more beautiful when Jack was playing with them.

It was a difficult - but by no means impossible - task for Ianto to keep himself turned on but not to go too far. He managed it somehow, though it still seemed a very long time before Gwen cried out and came, shuddering under Jack. Ianto could see her climax ripple through her.

"I'm going to fuck you now," Ianto could hear Jack murmuring to her after her trembling stopped. "Spread your legs for me, pretty," he helped her, a hand between her thighs pressing them apart. Ianto almost chuckled. How could Gwen refuse Jack? Who would ever want to?

"I want you to fuck me while I fuck Gwen," Jack said over his shoulder to Ianto. That sounded as good to Ianto as it must have to Gwen if her soft moan was any indication.

Not that Ianto would've minded having Gwen's pussy... maybe he'd get the chance another time. He couldn't think of that while he was preparing himself and Jack carefully, long fingers stretching Jack out and fucking him slowly until Ianto knew he was ready, even though Jack had pleaded for his cock several minutes earlier. Ianto never hurried preparation, because he knew how needy it made Jack. He'd winked at Gwen over Jack's shoulder when Jack had made his first plea and she'd giggled back and told Jack to be patient.

"Can't fight both of you," he'd said as he settled into surrender.

"You know you love when I make you wait," Ianto retorted, hooking his fingers and scraping over Jack's prostate. That had shut Jack up, well, that or the long kiss he'd planted on Gwen's lips.

Ianto entered Jack slowly, then leaned forward. "Inside her, give her what she wants," he growled softly.

Jack whimpered as he pressed forward, Ianto pushing him slowly and Gwen moaned as Jack entered her.

They fucked, long and slow and hot, until Jack begged to come. Ianto growled a "yes," into his ear and Jack came hard.

Gwen cried out a moment later and Ianto was last, following both of them.

"Next time," Ianto said, as they lay together. "I want to be in the middle."

"I think we can handle that," Jack nodded.

Gwen just smiled and leaned up to kiss Ianto softly. "If you think you can handle me."

"I'd like to try," he responded.

They lay together, bodies cooling and relaxing until it was time for round two.


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